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Holistic Essential Remedies by Sabrina

I created HERbS (Holistic Essential Remedies by Sabrina) to show you exactly how powerful energy and plant-based therapies can be. We all need more plants in our lives! They are gentle and therapeutic, yet extremely effective in small amounts with no side effects. Not only does a plant-based lifestyle help the planet, it can also help you to achieve natural health and wellness. I’m an energy worker, and I combine 3 energetic modalities into my healing practice: I’m a Registered Reflexologist, professional Aromatherapist and Reiki Master Practitioner. Energy is all there is, and that certainly is the case when it comes to plants and essential oils. I’m dedicated to helping others find their pathway to health. I work with clients that have an understanding that their health is their responsibility. All healing is self-healing. Any practitioner that fits into your healthcare team is simply someone who can hold your hand and point you in the right direction along your path of self-healing. With energy health and healing in mind, I created a line of 100% plant-based products including pure essential oils, HERbS synergy blends, face and body care and I’m a retailer of CBDMagic (therapeutic CBD). I blend all of my own products, and I LOVE creating unique custom blends for people. This means less waste and each product is fresh with no preservatives. All HERbS products follow these guidelines:


Sustainable & Organic (when possible) Essential and Carrier Oils · Zero Synthetics · Sustainable Packaging with Minimal Plastic · Reflective of Me - don't expect fancy packaging, but you'll get all of my dedication and positivity in everything I blend · Everything I make is blessed with Reiki

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