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We are excited to have you apply for our events.

All the details for each event are listed on the application. Please fill out the entire application to ensure your best chance at being accepted into the event. Look forward to hearing from you!!


Applicants are selected separately for each event by a team of Jurors.

All work for the show must be designed, manipulated, embellished or handcrafted by the applicant. Quality or originality of work will be the deciding factors in acceptance of submitted applications. We strive to choose a limited number of vendors in each category. Within each category we choose vendors that have unique and different items from each other.

All applicants MUST send clear, bright photos and Facebook/website links representing the work that you will be selling. When filling out the application, you MUST specify all the different items you will be selling as we are trying to keep the vendors at a minimum in each category.  It also helps when we are making a floor plan to keep similar items away from each other to optimize sales. Booths are not to be shared with other vendors unless agreed upon by the coordinator of the event.


We are careful to accept bright and clean displays that draw the eye and are not cluttered or messy looking with nicely packaged goods and clear signage. Displays may not be attached to the walls, building or flooring with nails, screws, tape, adhesive, or any other method of fixation likely to cause damage.

 Displays are to be professional looking. All tables are to be skirted or covered.  Displays are NOT to be taken down until the ending of the event.


We count on our vendors to help get the word out about our events. We like for you to share the event details via your social media pages.  Having an active presence on social media will help in being selected for the marketplace.

We as jurors are always overwhelmed with the number of applications sent in for each event. It is a difficult process selecting the vendors as we always have a lot more applications than spaces to fill; keep this in mind when applying. The more information you send the better!

Apply above for our future events.

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